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SEGA GO DANCE set to release on iPhone

We first heard that SEGA applied for the GO DANCE trademark at the start of last month, and within the last couple of days they have revealed details about the mobile game. SEGA GO DANCE is set to see a release date at some point this Autumn and will be distributed on their website and Apple’s App Store.

The new dance and rhythm game will allow players to use the FaceTime camera when aiming for high scores. GO DANCE will launch on both iPad and iPhone, although its key feature is using the FaceTime camera as an interactive motion-based sensor while the user dances to music.

You will need to follow the avatar choreography in SEGA’s GO DANCE app, which is a system well known by users of dance mat games. The difference here is that the player can dance “anytime and anywhere”, although we are not sure you’d want to be performing the dance actions in some very public places.

SEGA state that GO DANCE will “push mobile to the limit” and of course partnering with the massive user base found on iOS will only help make that dream become a reality. We are yet to hear details about the GO DANCE songs or even an Android version.

Is there any place you wouldn’t dance with SEGA’s GO DANCE app?



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