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FIFA 14 PS4, Xbox One Vs current-gen features

If you are planning to hold on for the next-gen PS4 or Xbox One version of FIFA 14 in favor of a current-gen version, you are probably eager to know what the main differences will be between the two platforms. We’re pleased to say that EA has now shared some details on how the boost in hardware grunt will impact on enhanced FIFA 14 features for fans.

Straight off the bat, EA has wasted no time in saying that the AI will be significantly improved if you choose to play the PS4 or Xbox One version. EA’s David Rutter has explained to Eurogamer that this is all due to the new Pro Instincts technology, which effectively allows AI on next-gen versions to ‘predict the future’.

EA has said that they have created the next-gen versions to allow “every nuance of possible collision” that seemingly wouldn’t be possible on the Xbox 360 and PS3 versions. On top of this, EA has also said that the enhanced hardware of the PS4 and Xbox One has allowed the team to create animations that are ’10 times’ the quality of current-gen versions.

Add 1080p visuals on top of that and it looks like it is going to be justified decision to wait for a PS4 or Xbox One version instead. Don’t forget that you’ll get FIFA 14 for free just by pre-ordering an Xbox One console today – Sony has yet to offer a similar deal.

Are you planning to wait for a next-gen version of FIFA 14, or will you still get a PS3 or Xbox 360 copy?



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