Black Ops 2 Origins ending analysis for Easter Egg

By Alan Ng - Aug 29, 2013

It looks like the main Black Ops 2 Origins zombie easter egg has been solved already, only just days after going live on the Xbox Marketplace. We understand that most of you are still probably trying to solve the mystery yourselves with a group of three friends, but we can tell you that there is a very exciting conclusion to witness once you get to the very end.

Before we continue, this is obviously major spoilers. So if you don’t want to witness the ending for Black Ops 2 zombies, we suggest you look away now. Don’t forget that Origins is the last zombie map to release for Black Ops 2, so the next time we still see Richtofen and co will be in a Black Ops 3 game for next-gen consoles in 2014.

Without further ado, we can reveal that a cutscene awaits players once they have completed the main Origins easter egg. It is a fantastic cutscene as well and poses a lot of questions – notably the surreal outcome of the zombies adventure being just one big game.

During the cutscene, we see a Toy Story-esque theme featuring two children – one being Samantha and the other being Eddie. We can see that Samantha and Eddie have been playing with toy figures, those looking like the four main characters that we have seen throughout zombies – Maxis, Richtofen, Dempsey and Nikolai.

You’ll hear Samantha say that it has been her ‘turn’ during this game, stating that next time it will be ‘Eddie’s turn’ to play. This could be a teaser suggesting that the zombies adventure will continue. Throughout the scene you’ll also see some very familiar props in the children’s room, such as the mystery box, tranzit bus, giant robot and the teddy bear.

Actions speak louder than words on this occasion, so just watch the exciting video above and let us know your theories on it. Have you come up with a full explanation after watching the clip? Give us your best ideas below.

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  • Bob

    sorry about the typos

  • Bob

    ok here’s my theory. At the end of Origins is pretty revealing like how they show all the things from zombies the mystery box, teddy, gun drawing on wall etc.. and they have all the action figures. If you listen Maxis call Eddie (Richtofen) and Samantha to come down stair and when he does Eddie says “I never got my turn” and he says “I’m tired of this” (Speaking about ww2) and Sam replies “don’t worry my daddy has a plan” (super solders gone wrong) and they will go down stairs. Maxis knows that Eddie knows a lot about zombies and his plan fails and zombies started they invasion so he takes Eddie and puts him in a machine that makes him older and finds Nickoli, Dempsey, and Takeo to fight of the zombies. Fighting zombies makes Richtofen go crazy and at the same time he is still like a kid inside and acts like its just a game and its his turn to play and so he sets a goal to take over the zombies like Sam got to in her story. But this time around it will be different then in Sam’s story and there might be different heroes with Richtofen and they will go to all new places and the story will take a major turn and Richtofen will get killed and someone else takes control of the zombies. please tell me if you agree or not.

  • cc2011

    Anyone else notice in the video that if you watch the moon its going through a lunar eclipse?

  • raging complaints

    This is what trayarch does. Just rush the whole Z story so it has a gullible ending. This ending is horrible! I WON’T ACCEPT IT YOU HEAR ME?!!

  • Msdeeskie

    If you listen to the characters commentary, they’ve been confused for a long time. Pick up a 2x in black ops 1. Dempsey will ask “what is this, a game?”

  • Marco Guzman

    REMEMBER IN BURIED WHEN RICHTOFEN (Eddie) could gain control of the zombies that’s what I think it means

    • Jaysoon

      Not to burst your bubble but Richtofen gains control of the zombies after the Moon easter egg is complete.

  • Unspecified

    My sincere apologizes for triple posting guys.
    In Black Ops 3, Samantha may very well possibly come to the comprehension that all of this CAME from her own imagination (not existing FROM her imagination).

    Indubitably, typos surely are irritable; I wish I can Edit as a Guest…

    • bob

      I have a theory of my own but I believe that your theory is very possible.

  • Unspecified

    I just wanted to mention one last thing (in correlation with my previous comment from which I stated below). If what I’ve stated is correct, then perhaps from the events from Origins – Buried, Samantha may or (more than likely) may not acknowledge that all from what is taking place is merely based on her very own imagination (the Der Riese “Hide and Go Seek” could support this). In Black Ops 3, Samantha may very well possibly come to the comprehension that all of this is from her own imagination (which was initially brought to life for a overall good purpose), and perhaps attempt to come to a solution to prevent further bloodshed towards spreading from the zombie apocalypse.

  • Unspecified

    After doing some research with theories, much like what many people have said (such as “John” for instance” from further down this comment section), I suspect that everything that is represented in the intro cinematic from Origins is real (with the birth of the zombie invasion). However, the original 4 characters from World at War and Black Ops 1 are fictional from Samantha’s imagination. Consequently, when Dr. Maxis tells Eddie and Samantha to come downstairs (perhaps for one of the reasons being to shelter from a possible, present zombie invasion that has occurred from the Origins intro cinematic), I believe the plan that Samantha speaks of is Ludvig Maxis making Richtofen (possible name after Eddie), Dempsey, Nikolai, and Takeo non-fictional, as four heroes spawning to fight off the impending doom of zombies that is occurring in the present world from what is ACTUALLY taking place in Origins outside of Samantha’s window as seen from the ending itself (frankly speaking, it seems that the four character did approach at the scene out of seemingly nowhere if you think about it). Conversely, doing so leads up to dire consequences; consequences which lead up the zombie events from World At War, Black Ops 1 and Black Ops 2 to actually occur in the physical existence, being that all from Samantha’s powerful imagination comes about to reality (such as Richtofen inevitably becoming a sociopath from touching the M.P.D on Moon from Jan, 4, 1940, the rockets hitting Earth to lessen to severity of Richtofen’s control of the undead, and the introduction of the Misty, Marlton, Russman, and Stuhlinger attempting to survive the zombie invasion Sometime After 1996.) So, the events that is taking place from maps with the characters being associated with it (such as Ascension, Moon, Die Rise, Mob Of The Dead, etc) is in essence taking place from it’s respective, reality timeline as you are playing the map itself from it’s very own gameplay; from originally being fictional from Samantha’s imagination as seen in the Origins ending, to accidentally becoming non-fictional. Essentially, Samantha is indeed a very significant character if all of this is factual.

    This is NOT Official Information, just my personal theory that I wanted to share and I hope I stand correct being that I’ve tried my best; I love absolutely everything about the Zombies Alternative Timeline and I love it’s superb gameplay, I’m a huge fan of zombies. Optimistic and constructive responses will be greatly appreciated.

  • Joe

    I think that the kids made up the story of the 4 players because they were in the war and needed something to keep their mind off the war and find something as scary as the war to be able to deal with psychological side of the war…the whole of zombies was one big game…obviously Samantha had the whole game, now Eddie, which is short for Edward hence (Edward riktofen

  • Mark

    It could mean that when maxis called them down that’s when he started experimenting on them and this is how the story started.

    • Jaysoon

      Maxis never experimented on either of them. It was Richtofen who began running his secret experiments on Samantha and the dog Fluffy.

  • John

    My theory is that the events of Origins are real, except for the original 4 (Dempsey, Takeo, etc.) intervening. Therefore there are currently zombies running across the land with no one to stop them, so Sam and Eddie (who Rictofen’s character was named for) make up a story like kids do. However, at the end you hear Sam say her dad has a plan. This could indicate the beginning of a new story in the real world to combat the zombie threat.

  • Brett

    And at the begging of the zombies on origins takeo says it seems that there is strang thingies that formed over night!!! Was it not night when Eddie wished it??

  • Brett

    As they I ment the charectors they were playing and that’s y all the things in the room come to real life

  • Brett

    What I think is treyarch said they were going to show u how it all started and at the cutscene Eddie says he wishes they were real so they became real and that’s how it all started and Samantha and Eddie get caught in a real world appocolypse and need there help cause they hear them talking or something I just think that it started from Eddie wishing it??!!??

  • nathan

    remember on moon how takeo says there must be more dimensions this could be one of them?

  • tim

    the easter egg on moon meant that Richthofen could have his turn, but her dad seemed to have some involvment

  • chandler

    if its all make believe, i dont get the ends to buried. or how MoTD and CoTD would come into play.

    • CopeKing

      MoTD was Samantha and Eddie making up another game just for fun. There’s no correlation to the actually Dempsey, Nikolai, Takeo storyline.

  • Joe

    Eddie is obviously a kid version of Richtofen. This is indicated by his want for blue eyes on the zombies. Samantha and him are “taking turns” hence the change in color of the zombies’ eyes throughout the game. The whole storyline was just on big imagination of the two.

  • Wise guy

    I’m not sure if you noticed, but when they were walking out of the room, Eddie said that he wished they were real, i’m not sure if i’m the only one who thinks this but you never know but they could actually be real. They could actually be out there somewhere and what if in the next game, Richtofen and all the characters show up at Samantha’s house?