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Wii U Zelda hardware with golden Triforce features

While the wait for Wii U Zelda news goes on, Nintendo are wasting no time in vamping up the marketing campaign for the Wii U HD remake of The Wind Waker. The game is on course for a release on October 4 and now we have early details on a special Wii U hardware package that is going to be released with a rather sexy Zelda theme.

You can’t fault Nintendo’s design department when it comes to making special game-themed editions of their hardware. Just look at 3DS models for games such as Pokemon X and Y and Monster Hunter 4 to get an idea of the creativity that we’re talking about.

It looks like Nintendo will be using the same tactics, this time with the Wii U console though. Although not officially confirmed by the company, a video released by Nintendo accidentally has revealed that a Wind Waker HD Wii U bundle is on the way.

The image you see above shows a 32GB Wii U console, featuring a rather lovely Golden Triforce-themed GamePad. Since the console isn’t in full view, we don’t know for sure if the actual console unit will feature the same Triforce etchings – but let’s hope so.

That GamePad looks really nice, so we have a feeling that some of you would be willing to cough up with $349.99 for the luxury – that price also includes a copy of the Wind Waker HD just so you know. Nintendo will probably make this official by the end of the week, so let us know if you would be willing to pick up a special Wind Waker HD Wii U console or not.



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