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PS4 vs. Xbox One pre-order game numbers

If you have been looking at the PS4 vs. Xbox One pre-order sales then you would have noticed that Sony’s next-generation console is not up for a day one pre-order anymore, although you can still get a day one Xbox One at the time of writing.

This news in itself is neither new or revealing considering we don’t know how many units either brand has ready for launch, but VGChartz has gathered a few figures to give us some insight into the PS4 vs. Xbox One pre-order game numbers.

The Xbox One and PS4 game sales so far have been tracked and VGChartz deliver an interesting look at how well each launch game is doing for both machines. It is worth pointing out that these figures cannot be trusted 100%, although you will find them a nice indication of what should be expected at launch.

Something we should also point out is that the VGChartz numbers are for United States, which is normally Xbox One territory, so this might be a sad day for Xbox One supporters when you take into account the pre-order game figures and fact that Xbox One is still available to pre-order for a day one delivery.

See more details on these pre-order figures on, or look at the image below.




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