Predicted Apple iWatch sales in 2014, includes price

There had been rumors that Apple would release their iWatch device before the year is out, but that is now looking highly unlikely. We still expect it to be released, but not until next year and so it comes as no surprise that analysts have been looking into projected sales and a price.

The Apple iWatch price is expected to be $199, which is between the iPod nano at $149 and the 16GB iPod touch at $229. This price kind of makes sense, but then again we have no idea as to what features it will come with, or if it will have a decent amount of storage.

While Apple iWatch sales cannot be fully predicted, Apple Insider sources believes Apple could shift just over 63 million units in the first year alone, which is far more than the iPad managed in its first year.

It is hard to predict the Apple iWatch specs, but it should offer far more than the Pebble does, and so will not only sync to your iPhone but could even monitor your health, such as heart rate, pedometer and so much more.

We believe that 2014 will be the year of the smartwatch, because we already have the Pebble and the Cookoo smart watch, but we also expect to see devices from Google and Samsung.



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