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Moto X accessories availability, begins with docks

We had assumed that the new Moto X accessories would be available from tomorrow, with the first device being a car dock. However, Griffin has since stated that there had been an inventory mix up and that the dock will not arrive until September 9.

The Moto X accessories availability delay is not that big a deal, especially when you consider how long Nexus 4 owners had to wait for certain accessories. However, it is still worth noting that Moto X owners have been enjoying their device on AT&T for little over a week now, and no doubt they will be eager for one of these docks.

The Moto X Griffin vehicle navigation dock will come at a price of $39.95 and once you attach your handset it will go onto car Mode, which then allows you to take full advantage of the Touchless Controls.

There is also the Griffin PowerDock desktop dock for the Moto X, which costs $39.95. This also allows you to use those Touchless Controls while in the office or at home.

Droid Life readers have been expressing their feelings, and have sent a message to Google saying this is how you release accessories for a new handset not long after its launch.



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