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Microsoft Surface 2 launch without RT signature

You don’t have to be a marketing expert to realize that Microsoft got it very wrong with the Surface RT, as they have spent more on marketing than they have in sales, which we recently reported. Having said that, Microsoft admitted to the mistakes made with RT model and they knew what needed to be addressed in the next model.

Having already learned of possible Surface RT 2 specs, we have since learned that this could go against the rumor of the sequel. The reason we say this is because two new Surface devices have been spotted and the RT is not one of them, meaning we might not get to see a sequel to the Windows RT version.

It is obvious that we will see a Microsoft Surface 2 launch because sales for the Surface Pro have not been as bad as the RT model, and when you consider it was not released in other countries outside the US for several months after, it was always going to have to play catch up.

While we cannot be certain what those two new Surface Pro models will be called, it does look as though we will see a Surface Pro 2nd generation with Haswell and running Windows 8.1.

There is some more interesting data from AdDuplex showing two Nokia tablets, which we already heard rumors about. So could Nokia build one of the Surface devices, or is this for something completely different?



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