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iPhone 6 will not release with graphene

There have been several articles in recent weeks looking at the possibility that the iPhone 6 could make use of graphene, which could help to improve battery life and display strength. However, we have since learned the iPhone 6 will not release with graphene.

Phones Review has been taking a closer look into this new technology and the idea that it would be perfect for use with the iPhone 6, but they have since found several problems with this.

The thought of graphene being one of the many new iPhone 6 features is certainly a nice prospect, but the actuality is the technology may not be ready to be implanted on any smartphone for several more years.

As we said earlier, there are several issues with the biggest being who owns the graphene patent, as well as the problem that the technology is tough to mass-produce, and would make it hard to bring it smartphones.

We do seem to be seeing a repeating pattern when it comes to implementing new technology, as we had expected to see the first flexible display smartphones by now, but there was also the issue earlier this year with production problems.

What do you think the chances of an iPhone 6 graphene model or do you think a flexible display version is more likely to happen first?



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