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HTC Butterfly S in visual review

For those of you wanting to see the HTC Butterfly S in more detail, today we have a couple of videos which give us a hands-on impression along with the unboxing of this product. The videos come courtesy of PhoneArena and they give us some insight into the HTC Butterfly S providing a brief yet informative review within the two videos.

The first of the two embedded below the post is the HTC Butterfly S unboxing and although this only lasts under 3 minutes it still gives potential customers the opportunity to see this product close up. The second video lasts a bit longer and this also available below runs for about 5 minutes allowing us to see a hands-on impression.

When it comes to comparison videos we recently measured up the HTC Butterfly S vs. HTC One and discussed a two-part review highlighting the significant differences between the pair. The extensive review gives us the chance to see an introduction to the two handsets and questioned the hard choice between them.

The second part of the review highlights the major differences and we questioned whether the HTC Butterfly S would come out on top considering the HTC One has experienced more backing.



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