HTC 8XT vs. Samsung ATIV S Neo comparison

By Marlon Votta - Aug 28, 2013

Sometimes the best way to get a decent impression of a product is to see it being put up against another in a comparison video. With Samsung’s new ATIV S Neo we can see that this is only the second Windows Phone 8 device to make its way to US carrier Sprint, and we are interested to see how this handset matches up to HTC’s 8XT.

Below this post we have provided a comparison video by pocketnowvideo that lasts nearly 9 minutes and provides an informative discussion on both models, giving us reason to ask our readers which they prefer out of the two.

In a recent post we highlighted the Samsung ATIV S Neo in an extensive review which lists the specs involved and how they still fall short of those experienced with the HTC and Samsung flagship smartphones.

We also highlighted the HTC 8XT in a review as this product aims to survive on Sprint, while we noted some changes that include the addition of BoomSound speakers, along with a downgrade in display resolution.

It seems that the two-toned colour is regarded as a refreshing change for some, but reactions to this phone give us reason to believe more apps would be advantageous for this device to survive on Sprint.

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  • Lewis Nitram

    This video was insanely negative! You could definitely tell tell the person doing the video was NOT a windows phone user. I mean- there was no positivity at all… I don’t mean to sound like a guru, but this was awful!!!

  • Avlen

    HTC. Don’t want to pay $50 more for something that isn’t all that much better.

  • Hal

    I’d have to go HTC, slick design. The Samsung looks old to me. Other deciding factors were the signal acquiring and sound. At these screen sizes I don’t think the 720p is going to make my eyes water compared to the WVGA. My phone needs to perform like a phone first. Mini-computer second.

  • Jim Mac

    Ative S Neo. I would wait for a Lumia premium phone if i thought Sprint and Nokia would make nice in the near future, but that seems unlikely.