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Clipless Android app delivers coupons by location

For as long as we can remember stores have offered some great deals and even printed out coupons in publications, but as we read less magazines and newspapers a new way had to be found. The use of smartphones and tablets has helped to make this transition, and now there are plenty of apps offering coupons.

One of the latest is the Clipless Android app, which delivers coupons by location, making it even easier to find a good deal while out and about. Some of the older apps used to show coupons but were unable to know where you were, but that is not the case any more.

There are a huge amount of deals to be had out there, but sorting through them can become a tough task, but Clipless takes the stress out of it and locates the best deals near you.

With the app running in the background you will be alerted when there are deals near you, and because it uses low-power location services there is no need to worry about the battery life of your device.

You can find more information on this app on the Google Play Store, or by watching this Clipless Android app review in the video we have embedded for you below.



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