Black Ops 2 Origins Easter Egg with meteor locations

Earlier on we gave you an initial introduction to the brand new Origins zombie map as part of the Apocalypse DLC map pack that released just hours ago. Now, we’re pleased to say that the first Origins zombie easter egg has already been solved – finding three meteor locations which will unlock the traditional zombie song for that map which Treyarch includes with each new release.

The good news, is that the three locations are very easy to find and in fact you’ll be able to locate the first piece of meteor in the starting area where you first spawn. Once you have picked that up and activated it, you will find the second piece in the workshop area located underneath the bunk bed.

Finally, head outside towards the excavation area and you’ll spot the last meteor along the wooden walkway, situated between some stacked boxes. The glow emitted from the pieces should make it very easy to find them and activating the last one should start the song off.

This time, Treyarch has picked a track called ‘ArchAngel’, which once again features Elena Siegman on vocals, as well as Malukah. We’ve included a video below which will help you find each meteor piece if you are still having difficulty.

Obviously, this isn’t the main easter egg for Origins, but we’re sure details on the achievement unlocked and any rewards will come our way soon. Let us know how you are getting on with the map so far and if you have found any secrets.



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