Best of Sony teases new Xperia phone feature

By Peter Chubb - Aug 28, 2013

The best of Sony Xperia phones looks set to become even better if a recent teaser video is anything to go by. While do not know for certain what the new smartphone could be, we can tell you there is not long to wait because all will be revealed on September 4.

What could this new Sony Xperia phone be? Sony is keeping things very close to their chest, but there have been rumors to suggest this could be the Xperia Z1 Honami, which would certainly make it the best Xperia handset.

However, this could also be the teaser to the Xperia Z Ultra being released in the US, but we can’t see this being the best Xperia handset. Another reason why we do not believe it to be the Ultra is because of the camera being more centralized compared to what we see in the teaser video.

We can tell you that the new handset will be waterproof, well the big clue was with the device being thrown into water.

Remember, the Best of Sony Sept 4 event is when we get to learn more about this device, the same day as the Galaxy Note 3 launch event.

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