Best extensions for DashClock Android Widget

By Marlon Votta - Aug 28, 2013

Dashclock Widget is regarded as one of the most popular Android Widgets around and it is all about the extensions. This is where we are intrigued to know which are the best available, and today we are looking at a list of the top extensions that could be ideal for certain situations.

Plenty of useful information can be seen on the video above by pocketnowvideo as this brief footage only lasts about 4 minutes. The informative video runs through some great features accessible and highlights the best extensions to try out.

A DashClock extensions list can be seen on Droid Life showing the ‘best of’ a vast range of extensions, as this has recently become a valid talking point when it comes to some of the best Android apps of the past year. As extensions are now being released regularly the aforementioned site are inclined to capture these in a rolling post highlighting different aspects and the best possible choice.

Potential customers may have specific requirements when it comes to extensions and the DashClock extensions list provides details on expanding the capabilities and ways to store more information. Their extensive list will probably be continually updated, so we would love to know if you have any other that should be compiled in a list.

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