Ubuntu 12.04.3 system update in visual review

By Peter Chubb - Aug 27, 2013

Last week we had a look at the LXLE 12.04.3 Paradigm Linux Distro, and now we thought you would be interested to learn more about the latest Ubuntu 12.04.3 system update, which you can see in the visual above.

This is the third point release and we get to see how this latest version compares to when it was first released. There are certain to be several changes because of the number of bugs that needed to be addressed.

Ubuntu 12.04.3 is not a simple update of some of the applications because they have gone a little further, such as the Kernal going from 3.2 to 3.8, which allows for much wider hardware compatibility. An example of this is how the NVIDIA 600 Series graphics cards are now supported, unlike before.

Gaming has also been improved, such as tweaks in Compiz so now Steam is available. You will need to watch the video above to see the many changes in this Distro, along with many of those other tweaks.

You will be pleased to know that Ubuntu 12.04.3 system update has long term support up until 2017, so there is no fear of you being left out in the cold.

More details can be found on Ubuntu.

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  • mayank

    BIOS Settings for asus motherboard p8b75 m-le. Always having problems while installing ubuntu 12.04 lts. Help

  • epikvision

    Hello, kernal should be spelled “kernel.” As a 12.04 user, these are really nice improvements!