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Sony Xperia M first look and unboxing

The latest edition to land in the Xperia family is the Sony Xperia M and we are intrigued to know what is thought of this. Regarded as a mid-range handset the Xperia M is discussed as we look at a visual impression through its unboxing.

Giving us a first look of the Sony Xperia M a video by Clove Technology lasts around 11 minutes to unbox and discusses the specs and features. We have embedded the video above this post for those of you wanting to see this product up close, as this shows everything from what is involved in the box to additional features specific to this Sony device.

The Xperia M is also known as the C1905, and this dual-core Android device comes with a 4 inch touchscreen along with a 5 megapixel camera, 3G, NFC and USB. The sample they are showcasing is white, although they highlight how black is also available from Clove.

To learn more about the Xperia M there is an official Sony Mobile website, which details the specs and features including the one-touch functions, and other available colours which include purple and yellow as well as white and black.

Are you impressed by the Sony Xperia M? Maybe the video has given you more reason to contemplate acquiring the new Xperia M.



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