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Pokemon X and Y demo full walkthrough

If you are eager to get your hands on Pokemon X and Y but have so far been unable to, we have the perfect video for you to check out now. A demo for Pokemon X and Y has currently been doing the rounds at various trade expos, but now we have a video showing a complete demo walkthough from start to finish in possibly the highest picture and audio quality seen to date.

Previously, we have only been able to bring you snippets of the demo, such as some Sylveon footage here and then an exciting clip from the demo showing the mega evolution of feared Pokemon Mewtwo. This time however, we have the whole thing courtesy of NTowerTV with one added bonus.

Unlike most YouTube gameplay clips we see with dodgy audio, this particular clip has been recorded with a direct audio output, meaning that you can hear everything going on during the demo. We wish more gameplay clips followed the same tactics, but enjoy this clearest look at off-screen Pokemon X and Y while you still can.

During the demo, you get to witness some wild battles with Pikachu, as well as hopping on ridable Pokemon GoGoat for a quicker stroll around the area of Kalos Region that has been provided in the demo. Towards the end, you’ll be able to see mega Mewtwo again taking on three different types of Pokemon – with Dragonite the last victim to fall under the might of Mewtwo’s psychic attacks.

We don’t have long to wait at all until the glorious October 12 launch date, but let’s hope that we see more videos just like this one in the meantime. Check it out above and let us know if you have been able to play Pokemon X and Y yet or not.



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