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Payday 2 UK, US stock issues solved if like digital

You might have had a few problems if you were trying to get hold of Payday 2 in retail box form, and this was due to a few stock issues that we reported about last week. Today, we wanted to provide a quick update for our Xbox 360 readers that still want to get hold of this game.

If you want to purchase Payday 2 in the UK or US and keep finding stock issues in your area, then it might be worth going for a digital copy instead. This wasn’t previously possible, but since out last article and within the past few days Payday 2 went live on Xbox 360’s Games On Demand service.

You can pickup a copy of Payday 2 for $34.99/£29.99 if you’re an Xbox 360 owner that’s happy to go digital instead.

It is worth noting that we haven’t seen another update about the PS3 and Xbox 360 Payday 2 retail box shortage. The previous update from 505 Games explained there were problems in retail locations, although they did point out gamers could download a copy on PSN, Steam and also Xbox Games on Demand from August 23.

Has Payday 2 stock improved in your location, and does it bother you if digital was the only option for now?



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