Moto X phone new touchless features explained

By Marlon Votta - Aug 27, 2013

When it comes to Moto X phone features Motorola has come up with a way to access your mobile without using your hands, implementing a new touchless feature that works with voice commands trained to your voice. Today we thought it would be a good idea to highlight a recent video showing the best uses for touchless control with the Moto X phone.

Lasting nearly 5 minutes, the video above comes courtesy of pocketnowvideo and gives potential consumers a run-down of these features that have many advantages for people all around the world, especially the more disadvantaged like those with restricting disabilities.

In addition, the Moto X features are being well-received by enthusiasts with some suggesting this feature should be available on all new smartphones. Only last week we spoke about Motorola Skip, which is an NFC-enabled magnetic clip that allows users to access their phones without a password, and we mentioned how this is ideal for those who are fed up having to type in their code on numerous occasions throughout the day.

We also highlighted the imminent release date for the Sprint Moto X, as the VP Product Manager at Motorola has already used his Google+ account to inform us that they have started rolling out developer editions of the Moto X, with news that other carrier versions will be coming in a few days.

Do you think the Skip feature defeats the objective of security for smartphones? Alternatively, would you like to experience the touchless control feature on other handsets?

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  • Ditch

    Great video thanks, I’ve had the handset for a few days and really like the touchless control especially while commuting on my bike paired with the driving assist it works great. I have found a few shortcomings that I hope they address, it won’t open all third party apps like Pandora but Slacker it will. Maybe it has something to do with signing into app through google+ but not sure. Also it is cool you can make a call but you can’t hang up and sure you can compose a text but you can’t send it without touching the phone. Just a few things I would like to see fixed but so far it’s been a great phone.