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LG LA6200 LED TV in review of specs

With a vast array of mid-priced television sets available on the market we understand that those shopping around for a new TV will be looking to see which one is the best value when it comes to the price. With this in mind, we thought it would be a good idea to look at a recent video review of the LG LA6200 LED TV, which also discusses the specs and features involved.

The brief video embedded above this post lasts nearly 3 minutes and comes courtesy of CNETTV. This video gives us the impression that the LG LA6200 is not the best value in regards to other similar priced TVs on the market, although this does bring a robust piece of electronics into the limelight.

On the other hand, the picture quality is not as good a standard as expected and the presenter highlights the functions of this being a 3D TV and smart-TV, and mentions an $80 remote that adds features. He also questions the quality of the picture compared to other similar priced products.

The overall look of the LG LA6200 is rather attractive with the option to direct the angles whilst still giving the illusion this TV is floating rather that fixed to a position.

Generally, the video picks up on more of the negatives and they regard this as disappointing, so we cannot wait to see if some further comparison reviews start to emerge giving potential customers an idea of how this competes with other models in its price range.



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