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GTA V PS4 hoax generates buzz

While all of the talk is still on the sizable leak for GTA V and the subsequent reveal for the game’s official soundtrack, it looks like Sony has slipped up yet again – allegedly outing the confirmation of a PS4 version of the game, respite Rockstar’s reluctance to even acknowledge such a thing.

Many gamers obviously believe that GTA V will eventually be heading to next-gen consoles, probably around the same time when a PC GTA V version is probably out as well. For the time being though, Rockstar has refused to budge on this possibility – which is why you’ll be surprised with the following Tweet from Sony.

A user asked the Sony UK page about the upcoming GTA V release, including the PS4 hashtag in his message in the process. Sony replied with the following message below, saying that GTA V is going to be amazing, ‘especially on the PS4’.

Naturally, this generated a huge amount of buzz as it was the first time we had any sort of official word on GTA V and next-gen platforms. Unsurprisingly though, both Sony and Rockstar have moved quick on this – saying that this was just a typo made in error and there are still no plans to bring the game to PS4.

Are they calling our buff though perhaps? It’s worth pointing out however that the above Twitter account is generally for overall electronics products, and not thought to be related directly to Sony’s PlayStation division.

Still though, do you believe that GTA V will be out on PS4 in 2014? It could mean remote play streaming on the PS Vita if so, and that would be fantastic.



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