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Gold iPhone 5S hands-on vs. iPhone 5C, 5

Next month cannot come soon enough for iOS fans, as Apple should be able to answer all those questions we have been asking in regard to the 2013 iPhone. Having already covered so many rumors, we thought you might be interested in this new Gold iPhone 5S hands-on, which compares it to the iPhone 5C and the current model.

Out of the videos of iPhone 5S vs. iPhone 5C and 5 that compares the exterior, then is one of the better ones. However, we have to remember to treat such videos for what they are worth, although the design is pretty consistent with some of those rumors.

There is not much difference with the iPhone 5S to the iPhone 5 design, apart from a different LED flash, and the Gold color of course. However, the biggest difference is with the iPhone 5C, which as we know is expected to be the low-cost smartphone from Apple.

Even though it will be a cheaper iPhone, we still expect a good quality of standard and impressive performance, which is thanks to iOS 7, which is designed to work on only Apple devices, and so you get none of the other stuff to slow the software down.

As we said earlier, we expect to see the iPhone 5S and 5C to be revealed next month, with a possible release date later that month. However, we recently reported that the release date in China could be November 28 would be around a week earlier than in 2012.



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