FIFA 14 Ultimate Team Willian Chelsea preview

By Alan Ng - Aug 27, 2013

The transfer window has yet to officially shut for European football transfers, but we have already seen some very interesting developments over the last few days. One transfer that has attracted massive attention is Willian, the Brazilian whizkid who now looks set to sign for Chelsea FC.

As a result, FIFA 14 fans are already getting very excited about his arrival in the Premiership, especially Chelsea fans who have probably already transferred his data over from Anzhi on FIFA 13, to get a good heads-up on what he’ll be bringing to FIFA 14 Ultimate Team when the game is out next month.

If you are someone who is looking for a FIFA 14 heads-up on Willian, you may find the following preview that we have for you very useful. It’s clear to see that the little Brazilian is a very skillful player indeed and you’ll be able to see what he looks like in Chelsea colors, by watching the FIFA 13 gameplay above.

He may not be very powerful, but he’ll be able to go past players with ease – just watch some of the skills in the clip yourself. There’s a lot of talk on how he will be replacing the great Juan Mata, but would you sub Willian into your FIFA 14 Ultimate Team in place of the Spaniard?

The official signing should be completed by the end of the week, meaning that EA has plenty of time to update his stats and get his official likeness into FIFA 14 by the time the game is released on consoles and PC.

If you are a Chelsea fan or FIFA fan in general, let us know if you will be putting Willian into your team or not and also give us your opinion on how good you think this player can actually be.

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  • CS

    Suarez would have been top scorer if he didnt get banned, he was four ahead of van persie at the time, and lets not forget he was consistently world class throughout the season for a poor liverpool side, and the hideously overrated Bale was good for the latter part of the season, 86 is a criminal rating for a player who was in the top 2 best players in the premier league last season, EA is biassed, if he had moved to Real Madrid he would have been an 88 at least.

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      Whatdya say?? lol