Cookoo Smart Watch first look review

With the Pebble Watch proving very popular it was only a matter of time before others would follow. There have already been rumors of a Samsung Smartwatch, as well as Apple getting in on the action, but the Cookoo Smart Watch is next up on the scene and ready to take full advantage while the big players still work on theirs.

No doubt you will be asking yourself if this is the device for you, and we hope that the Cookoo Smart Watch first look review video will help to answer that very question.

This smart watch works with your iOS devices, although we are told that Android support will follow shortly. Yet another kick in the teeth for Android users, because they are also waiting for the Plants vs. Zombies 2 release.

We are a little concerned about the packaging, as it is certain to add to the cost, as well as take up more space when being stored in a warehouse.

Why have a device like the COOKOO watch? There are times when you do not have your smartphone to hand and so you can have a quick look at the watch to see if you have missed a call, text message, email or a Facebook message.

Moe details on the COOKOO watch can be found by visiting their official website.



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