COD: Ghosts Perks split gamers over Marathon Pro

By Daniel Chubb - Aug 27, 2013

Gamers hunting down every detail for Call of Duty: Ghosts know the perks listed so far, but that list of almost confirmed classes and other details is not complete. There is plenty more gamers need to know and one screenshot landed on Reddit in the last week, which suggested COD: Ghosts Perks will include Marathon Pro.

The very idea of this being featured in COD: Ghosts Perks has upset a few fans. Some people see this as the most demanded of all perks and others feel Marathon Pro in the next Call of Duty game would create “unbalanced gameplay”.

One fan said, “I can’t wait to get a shotgun with Marathon Pro in COD: Ghosts” after seeing this rumor. While claims of unbalanced gameplay in MW2 upset some people, others enjoyed running around really fast for longer “just for the fun of it”. Another commented, “the problem with Call of Duty games is the running around all the time and a Marathon Pro perk would make this happen a lot, so to make COD: Ghosts a better game please leave this ability out”.

Battlefield 4 is expected to carry on with the tactics and large maps as seen in Battlefield 3, and while COD: Ghosts will not deliver this type of experience it has an addictive style of gameplay and ranking system that could be spoilt if the classes/perks are not well balanced.

The possibility of this perk has split gamers, but after looking on a number of forums, Google Plus and Facebook it seems the majority really would prefer it if the Marathon Pro perk was not included.


It is worth noting that the “Marathon Pro is back” claim originated on Reddit, and as such should be taken with a pinch of salt until official confirmation arrives.

Will you want to be a run and gunner in Call of Duty: Ghosts using Marathon Pro, or would you prefer the perks to miss this option out? You might also want to read about COD: Ghosts Xbox One vs. PS4 dedicated servers and see the recent multiplayer gameplay.

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  • Teh Joyet

    extreme conditioning broke my controllers so yeh im happy mar pro is back because unlimited sprint would of determine if i buy this game or not……so guest who’s getting ghosts

  • feraldeath

    I like the idea of pro perks in general. It really opens up a playing field. And to those who thinks it is game breaking, tell me why? If I know a guy is shotgun running, I will simply play smart and keep out of range or set up defenses.
    In all honesty, the only overpowered pro perk from IW was Sitrep Pro. Marathon Pro allowed you to get away or get to an objective that much quicker. It worked on boths sides of the coin.