Best car technologies that increase mpg

Modern cars are not all about improved safety, performance, handling and style, but increased fuel-efficiency as well. Over the past few years gas millage has improved significantly thanks to new technologies.

Below we have come across a video that looks at the top five fuel saving technologies to help increase car mpg figures. The results are ranked by the improvement in terms of percentage of how much your car saves on fuel by using these technologies.

Once you know these five technologies you can then use this information when looking for the best mpg cars.

The Multistage Oil Pump helps to achieve a fuel saving of just 1 percent, as it only pumps the amount of oil that the engine needs. CVTs and DVTs offer a 6-7 percent improvement, which is all part of the transmission system.

Active Cylinder management gives your car a 7.5 percent improvement over the amount of fuel it burns. Brake Regeneration offers an 8 percent fuel saving and as you know has been used by Hybrids for years, but it now becoming common in other cars because of KERS used in F1.

However, the biggest fuel saving car technology is clean diesel, as you will see a 30—35 percent improvement. There is a downside to this technology, which you can see in the video below.

What would you say is the best car mpg figures at this moment?



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