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BBM void on Android, iPhone for features like pins

BBM pins was shown in the recent manual leak that stated BBM for Android beta and BBM for iOS beta. We have seen a few websites talking about the downsides of pins, but we have seen how those negative views have been shot down, saying they have no clue as to the concept of how BlackBerry messenger works.

There have been several of you saying how good WhatsApp is, but it is light-years behind BBM and it is this very reason why when BBM for iPhone is released it will be my messenger service of choice.

What makes BBM stand out is because of pins, which means that it does not give your number out. That is not all; you do not need to spend ages in order to change a few settings.

The ability to hide yourself while messaging someone is what has proven popular with teenagers, and it will be this very reason why teenagers will embrace BBM on Android and iOS.

It’s these BBM features that proves WhatsApp is a bit of a joke and will no doubt be affected once BBM enters those to huge markets. It does seem strange how nobody followed the BBM way, not even iMessage, which is a bit of a joke really.

Another thing to look forward to with BBM is the awesome emoticons, as you do not need to use a third-party app to include them in your messages. The thing is, many BlackBerry users jumped ship ages ago, but the one thing they all miss is BBM, and it will be nice to see the popular app being used by other platforms once released.

Some of you may wonder how BlackBerry will make money, but we have already discussed ways to make money from BBM for iPhone and Android.

Will you be using BBM once it lands on Android or iOS?



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