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Sprint Moto X release date imminent

If you are with AT&T then you already have the choice to get the new Moto X, but if you are on another carrier then we are afraid you still have to wait. We’re not sure how long you will be waiting, but there are signs it could be very soon, if a recent Google+ post is anything to go by.

The Vice President Product Manager at Motorola has taken to his Google+ account and said that having already rolled out developer editions of the Moto X, other carrier versions will follow in a few days. This means that a Sprint Moto X release date is imminent.

We had assumed to see the Verizon version released on August 23, but that date has been and gone, and so we hope to see in some time this week.

If this is the case then this will be a blow to AT&T, as they would have wanted to enjoy the exclusivity a little while longer, although nothing like they did with the iPhone back from the start.

Having said that, other carrier’s will not be offering the Moto X customization like AT&T for a little while yet, although we should see this made available before the year is out.

As a way to prepare for the Moto X coming to Sprint there is a page where you can pre-register your interest. Having looked at the different plans it does look as though Sprint Unlimited My Way is one of the better options if you are a heavy user, when compared to the other carrier’s seen here.

There are some great reasons to go for the Moto X, and not just those customizable options, the camera may not be the best, but the video footage does look to be one of the better ones on the market. And while you may not be happy with its security feature by having to always enter a PIN, you can bypass this with Motorola Skip, although this does defeat the object of securing your handset.



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