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Pokemon X and Y level 100 Mewtwo at PAX East

We may have been starved of Pokemon X and Y news a few months ago, but we’re pleased to say that it looks like Game Freak and Nintendo are trying their hardest now to promote the upcoming 3DS game before its launch worldwide in October.

After a private showing at the Pokemon Game Show over in Japan and then a rather closed preview in Germany at GamesCom 2013, Nintendo and Game Freak are now ready for the public to have a full hands-on gameplay preview of Pokemon X and Y, at PAX East 2013 which kicks off August 30 until September 2.

We can tell you that if Game Freak are preparing the same demo that they have brought to GameCom, then lucky attendees at the Washington State Convention Center should be able to have a preview of a level 100 Mewtwo – arguably the most powerful Pokemon in X and Y.

You’ll be able to witness attacks such as Psystrike, which will easily decimate your opponents to give you a taster of what Mewtwo is all about. Don’t forget that Mewtwo also has a Mega Evolution now as well, allowing you to transform during battle to unleash even more powerful attacks – you can see gameplay footage of this in action here.

PAX East looks like the perfect event to attend for those unable to get to the likes of E3 this past Summer and GamesCom over in Europe. Aside from a playable Pokemon X and Y demo, you’ll also be able to play highly anticipated games such as Zelda: A Link Between Worlds and Bayonetta 2.

Have you had the chance to play Pokemon X and Y yet at an expo? If so, what are your thoughts on the game so far?



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