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Killzone: Shadow Fall multiplayer gameplay on PS4

Recently we showed you some unbelievable gameplay footage for Killzone Mercenary on the PS Vita, but now it is time to switch attention back to its bigger brother, aka Killzone Shadow Fall – a launch title for the upcoming PS4 release.

We have some rather breathtaking footage for you to take a look at, offering one of the first glimpses of pure unedited multiplayer footage taken from Team Deathmatch mode. You already know how fantastic the visuals are going to be for the single-player aspect of Shadow Fall, but it looks like the graphics are really going to shine through for multiplayer as well.

This clip is over 5 minutes in length and is probably the first gameplay video showing Killzone Shadow Fall multiplayer non stop in 1080p quality. Single-player is obviously going to be a big part of the final product as a Killzone game usually is, but this time we have a feeling that multiplayer may just be even more worthwhile.

It’s a shame that we only see Team Deathmatch highlighted in the video, as it would have been nice to get some of the new modes like Warzone where you can combine several team modes together for a more unique experience compared to say, Call of Duty.

Also don’t forget that Guerilla has boldly slapped other greedy developers in the face by generously handing out all future Killzone Shadow Fall multiplayer maps for free as part of post-release DLC. Don’t miss this amazing glimpse of Killzone Shadow Fall above – let us know your thoughts on the game.

Has the footage done enough to secure Shadow Fall as your primary PS4 launch purchase?



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