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iPad mini 2 leaks signal cases ready at launch

Things have gone a little quiet in regard to the iPad mini 2 release, which we expect to see later this year, although this is to be expected considering the imminent launch of the 7th generation iPhone. However, this does not mean we have forgotten about the 2nd generation smaller Apple tablet.

Having seen several iPad mini 2 leaks it signals to us that cases for the tablet will be ready at launch. The reason we say this is because while the display may be a little different, the overall size and design looks as though it could remain the same.

It is not like Apple will make any fundamental changes to the design of the iPad mini 2 compared to the original since it is a new device. Okay, so we know that Apple made a massive change to the iPad 2 when compared to the original, but the iPad was so new then and they never knew how successful it was going to be.

We do believe that Apple is happy with the overall design of the iPad mini and will follow this on with the second-generation iPad mini, and as we said those leaks seem to back this up.

If this is the case (excuse the pun) then those of you thinking of upgrading to the iPad mini 2 will be pleased to learn that the cases they currently use on the first mini Apple tablet could very well fit the newer model.



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