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Haswell Macbook Pro glimpse during 2013 iPhone event

We have had some conflicting reports over the past couple of weeks over the potential new Haswell MacBook Pro 2013 release date, because it had assumed to be in October, but we since reported it could take place next month. September is when Apple will show off their new iPhone, so could we really see a new Pro at the event as well?

Haswell Macbook Pro glimpse – Let us say that we do get to see it next month, then we will only get to see a glimpse of the MacBook Pro refresh during the 2013 iPhone event, because Tim Cook and the team will use most of the time to talk about the new iPhone/iPhones and iOS 7.

We had assumed that launching the Haswell MacBook Pro with Retina during the iPhone event would be silly because it would take the focus from the new notebook, but it might have the opposite effect.

If we were to see the MacBook Pro 2013 refresh launch during next months iPhone event, then this could be a perfect platform to spread awareness of the refresh, and would be the single most marketing tactic Apple could do for their new MacBook Pro.

As for the MacBook Pro 2013 release date, we don’t except Apple to make it available to purchase directly after the Apple event because of its operating system. This is because we do not expect to see Mac OS X Mavericks released until the fall, which does not begin until September 21.

Do you believe Apple will use the iPhone event as the perfect platform to unveil the new Haswell MacBook Pro?



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