Final Fantasy 14 server problems on PC, PS3

By Alan Ng - Aug 26, 2013

We hope this is not a case of dejavu for Final Fantasy fans, but it looks like the second launch of Final Fantasy 14: A Realm Reborn is already coming under fire due to server issues. The game doesn’t officially launch until later this week, but access is available for early adopters who are complaining strenuously about not being able to enter the game on demand.

From what we have seen from the game’s buildup to launch, everything had been looking fantastic – gameplay, graphics and a pleasing marketing campaign from Square-Enix to convince gamers that Final Fantasy XIV had received a full revamp in comparison to the plagued PC original.

However, those that have the game already are having big problems getting into the game. Square-Enix has had to issue an official apology on the matter, admitting that players are already exceeding the the maximum expected population limit for each world.

As a further result of the high traffic, Square-Enix has even had to shut down basic player creation on busy servers. They have advised players to play on low limitation servers in the meantime, as they attempt to improve the situation before the full PC and PS3 launch on August 27.

It doesn’t sound particularly good, but hopefully Square-Enix will be on top of things by the end of the week to ensure that they don’t run into a repeat of the first launch – what a disaster that would be. If you have actually had no problems getting into a server, you are probably loving the game right now as it does look very impressive.

What’s the server situation like for you folks at the moment?

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  • thegoods01

    Server problems for PS4? You must have a time machine that took you into the future to make this statement.

    • NgTurbo

      Dr Who lives.

    • LegacyAccount

      Think again – The first paragraph says who made the game. Does more need to be said? As added proof of the requirements for such ineptitude, this problem is also on Legacy Account which there was plenty of time to fix which they couldn’t. Square Enix must have found a way to go cheap and again they may pay for it with nobody wanting to pay for the game seeing as they can’t access it.