Black Ops 2 Origins zombies release time with Apocalypse DLC

By Alan Ng - Aug 26, 2013

It is that time again for Black Ops 2 gamers on Xbox 360, as Treyarch will soon be ready to drop the next DLC map pack, that being Apocalypse which will come with new multiplayer maps and a brand new zombies map. Everyone is looking for the exact Origins release time, so we have a reminder for you on when you should expect the content to pop up on the Xbox Live Marketplace.

Unfortunately, there was some disappointment over the weekend, when players didn’t get to see some expected new gameplay for Origins during a ‘premiere’ event hosted by MajorLeagueGaming. However, the countdown is now on though, as hopefully most of you will be downloading Origins in around 8 hours time.

As we have learned from previous experience, Microsoft tends to stick to a familiar pattern, updating the Xbox Live Marketplace with weekly content on Tuesday 2am Pacific Time. It is what happened for Buried zombies and Mob of the Dead before it, and a good bet will be to start looking for Origins from 2am Pacific Time onwards as well.

That means a potential early 5am wake up for those of you on Eastern time and later on the following morning at 10am for everyone in the UK. Remember that these are not exact times, but rather a reminder on previous trends when Buried and Mob of the Dead released.

Is it all about Origins zombies for you, or are you planning to head straight to the new multiplayer maps as well? Let us know when you start to see the Origins content appear in your store – not long to go folks!

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  • David

    I’ve played Origins twice. Really not impressed. It’s actually pretty shitty. The power system is wack, the giant metal zombie with the flamethrower is EVEN MORE WACK. The giant robot that walks around the map crushes you to death at certain places. It’s really not worth your money haha.

  • TrickyMonster

    it’s online in the UK, taking QUITE a while to d/l though, got 40mb connection and it’s at 29% in 15mins :S

  • CdtWilson2012

    Has been out in the UK nearly half hour now