Battlefield 4 Titan Mode DLC could be a winner

You have probably heard a lot of details on some of the multiplayer maps that will be included in Battlefield 4, but now we have some interesting and potentially exciting details regarding Battlefield 4 DLC. Developers DICE have hinted that they are currently exploring the possibility of bringing back the fan-favorite Titan mode from BF2142.

If you consider yourself to be a Battlefield 2142 veteran you should know all about Titan mode and it’s easily one of the most popular BF modes in history. Each team has a massive aircraft carrier known as a Titan and have to work together to destroy each other’s Titan defenses, before eventually boarding an enemy’s ship to take down the Titan from within and win the match.

You may not remember, but DICE has already confirmed that one of the DLC expansions for Battlefield 4 is going to be called Naval Strike. Since Battlefield 4 is now going to include sea-based maps, this sounds like a perfect opportunity for DICE to somehow merge Titan mode into this naval combat.

We’re guessing that a good amount of you will have never heard of Titan mode before, so we’ve added a video below for you to get a good idea of how the mode works – this is Battlefield 2142 gameplay just to let you know.

Battlefield 3 premium turned out to be a massive success for EA, so we imagine the same platform will apply with Battlefield 4 as well with regards to DLC. Are you a big fan of Titan mode? If so, give us your ideas on how it could work within Battlefield 4.



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