Back to School: Apple vs. Microsoft in 2013

Going back to school or further education is not only a stressful time because of having fun while you did not need to attend, but also the cost involved. In many cases all you need to do is purchase new stationary equipment, but there are several cases where you need to purchase a more expensive item.

For the past several years we have seen Apple offer some amazing Back to School deals because they know several of their products will be needed when going back to school.

Back to School for Apple in 2013 is no different, but before you get too excited, it is not like you are going to get a couple of hundred dollars of a new iPad, although what we have seen is rather impressive still.

If you purchase a Mac for college (which you can save up to $200 with education pricing) you will also receive a $100 App Store Gift Card. If you purchase an iPad or iPhone then you will get a free $50 card. These offers run up until and including September 6.

You would assume that Apple vs. Microsoft sales for Back to School items is clear cut, as Apple usually has the upper hand. However, a video (see below) thanks to ZDNet shows why the iPad might not the ideal device for the classroom.

Microsoft is promoting the Lenovo Yoga and shows how superior it is in terms of multitasking against the iPad, and easy typing thanks to its flip keyboard.

If you had the choice to take an iPad into the classroom or the Lenovo Yoga, which would it be? However, we have lost sight of one thing, Apple is still giving you something for free, unlike Microsoft.



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