PS Vita graphics from Killzone single-player

By Alan Ng - Aug 24, 2013

We are fast approaching the release date for highly anticipated PS Vita title Killzone Mercenary, and to prepare you for the big occasion, we have another great gameplay video for you to check out which this time explores the single-player part of the game.

The previous videos that we have had for Killzone Mercenary had been reserved for multiplayer, but we’re pleased to see that a HD video has now popped up which shows off some unedited single-player footage for the first time.

We’re pretty amazed to see just how good the graphics really are on the 5-inch PS Vita, arguably even matching some of the games that you would play on the PS3. Given that the video is just a direct feed from the game, you’ll also be able to witness some of the game’s cutscenes which you probably haven’t seen before.

If you watch this video alone, you’ll understand why there has been so much hype about it prior to release. It is also a bit of a shame that we have had to wait this long for a game to come out which finally shows off what the PS Vita hardware is truly capable of.

The video is a good 15 minutes in length so there’s plenty of footage to enjoy here and decide whether you want to buy this on September 4 or not. We just hope that other developers are seeing the quality of Killzone Mercenary and can produce similar games for the PS Vita in 2014 – it’s well overdue.

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  • Money Loo

    Why is it so important that I watch this video alone?

    • Josh101

      He was meaning, this video alone shows the quality of the game. You can watch this one video and be impressed by the graphics…..

      • Money Loo

        So what you’re saying is if I watch any other video of the game it will not display the quality of the game?