ND didn’t know PS4 release date

By Daniel Chubb - Aug 24, 2013

If you follow news about Sony’s PlayStation then you would have seen claims that Naughty Dog knew the PS4 release date at least 2 months ago. This is when The Last of Us launched and inside that game is a sign, which states 30 percent off books with a date.

As you can see in the screenshot above, the date reads “11/15 – 12/1”. This has led one Reddit user, ctrlaltd1337, to believe that this is related to the PS4 release date. They state, “Naughty Dog did hide the PS4 release date in The Last of Us”, and then showcased that screenshot with the post.

Gamers split on if Naughty Dog knew – reactions to this claim have been mixed on blogs, Reddit, N4g and other news websites. Some people think, “It is too hard to believe they would pick that date from all others, it must be related to the PS4 release date”.

Others couldn’t disagree more and this is shown in many comments along the lines of, “oh look a date in The Last of Us, it must mean something”. Some gamers are a little less sarcastic “Naughty Dog wouldn’t have known the PS4 release date that early”, said another commenter”.

What do you think Product Reviews readers, did Naughty Dog know the Sony PS4 release date over 2 months ago? Personally, we’d have to go with the fact that it was just too early and this is reading into things too much. The date would have been put in much longer than 2 months ago, again this is too soon to know.

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