GTA V early PS3 release captured

By Daniel Chubb - Aug 24, 2013

We expect GTA V to release early for some consumers lucky enough to get a copy by mistake, but normally this is a few days before an official release date lands. The photo you see below seems to reveal that one gamer is hands-on with Grand Theft Auto V more than 3 weeks early, which they published online with a picture of some gameplay and the disc next to a date.

While we cannot confirm the authenticity of these pictures that were published to Imgur, we feel they could be real considering some other leaked unannounced details that might have arrived thanks to others getting hands-on with GTA V thanks to an early copy.

Some people feel there really isn’t a lot more to be known about GTA V this close to the release date, although of course some major details like the full story and detailed information for cheats are yet to be disclosed. If more people end up getting a copy of GTA V early, then you can expect real spoilers to land soon and you might want to be careful what you read in some news reports.


Do you believe these pictures show an official copy of Grand Theft Auto 5? The game has a worldwide release date set for September 17, so not long left before our social life goes out the window. Keep up with all the GTA V news on our dedicated page.

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  • Cris Formage

    Well, we know it was real now, shame on those claiming bull honkey

  • Trevor Philips Enterprise

    can some one give me a link to how the creator made this ?

  • John doe

    YOU GUYS ARE ALL RETARDED. HE HAS A PS3 but in the map picture is Xbox controls!!!

  • meo

    fake idiot… garbage website

  • lol you need to do your research, the creator of the second images, stated that it was a fake and said how he done it.

  • Wildgazelle

    To me that looks as real as it gets

  • Keith McDonnell

    Also no light on his ps3 player indicator

  • C3L3BRiTyxCapo2HOOD

    the pics are fake the picture with franklin in it is fake because in the gameplay trailer his stats are green and michaels is blue it is photo-shopped and the weapon whee has the exact same guns and ammo as the part when it shows franklin shooting in the gameplay trailer