Vizio CT15T-B1 in quick visual review

By Marlon Votta - Aug 23, 2013

If you are looking for a laptop that is slim and attractive with excellent battery life, the CT15T-B1 by Vizio could be the ideal acquisition as this model is regarded as an excellent performer with a big screen. Today we have a quick visual review of this product to show our readers who are contemplating the Vizio CT15T-B1.

Lasting about 2 minutes, the video above by CNETTV discusses this as an affordable laptop that also looks good, and although it is quite light, it still exceed 5 pounds in weight. Negatives on this product highlight the lack of software support, and the keyboard should have a back-light considering the price, which is where we have to question the presenter’s view of what is affordable.

About 1 minute 21 seconds into the video he mentions that this laptop is over $1000, which many consumers will not regard as affordable, while others may prefer to spend their money on other products like an Apple Mac, Lenovo or Surface Pro laptop.

If you feel this brief video still has not provided you with enough information about the Vizio CT15T-B1 a full description of this can be seen at the official Vizio Store, as this site offers details including specs, pricing and availability.

Do you think the Vizio CT15T-B1 is worthy of the $1,359.99 price tag? Maybe you feel this should at least come with a back-lit keyboard.

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