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Pokemon X and Y demo previews Sylveon, Chespin

If you are a big Pokemon X and Y fanatic, we have another great chance for you to check out some brand new direct gameplay from the upcoming 3DS title, which was captured on the showfloor during the GamesCom 2013 expo in Germany. This clip is somewhat more worthwhile though, as it’s one of the first gameplay videos to emerge, showing the new Pokemon X and Y demo in English language.

This is something of a rarity, as you’ll know that most gameplay videos so far have all been in Japanese. This one is almost 10 minutes in length and gives you a great opportunity to catch a first-hand glimpse at the Kalos region, even allowing you to hop onto Gogoat and explore your surroundings in finer detail.

During the middle part of the video, you’ll also be able to witness an intense battle between Chespin, the Pokemon that the player gets to control and also Fennekin – the fire type Pokemon that is another of the starter Pokemon when beginning your journey. Although the quality of the video isn’t perfect, you can definitely see that this is a game that is going to look significantly better than Pokemon Black and White.

Nintendo and Game Freak were previously being very stingy on their new Pokemon X and Y content reveals, but there’s tons of information out there now to prepare you for the October 12 launch date. If you want a good look at how Chespin and Sylveon perform in battle, you definitely want to check out the footage above while the video is still up.

Have you honestly been more excited than this for a Pokemon game? X and Y is looking better each time we see it.



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