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Instagram for Windows Phone download temptation

Windows Phone users have been waiting for what seems like a lifetime for the Instagram app, and now we can tell you that it is now available. However, we would like you to proceed with caution with this Instagram for Windows Phone download, because it is not the official one from Facebook.

If you have the temptation to download this Instagram wannabe, then you need to be aware that the app has been developed by 6tag, who is a French developer. This app previously went by the name of 6tagram before it was removed from Windows Phone.

This Instagram clone for Windows Phones 7 and 8 could stop working at any time so you should not even bother downloading it. Okay, so we know the temptation is great because you are still waiting for the official one, but trust us, it is not worth the hassle.

Within Windows says there are are security concerns because 6tagwill keep a copy of all your public and private videos, and your account data is at risk because it is not encrypted. This means your username and authentication token can easily be retrieved.

As for when the official Instagram for Windows Phone download will go live we still have no idea, but we do know they already have it developed but for unknown reasons has held off from releasing it.



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