Black Ops 2 Origins Zombies gameplay release time

By Alan Ng - Aug 23, 2013

PS3 and PC Black Ops 2 players may still be getting their teeth into Buried zombies, but it is almost time for Xbox 360 players in the meantime to enjoy yet another zombies experience. The Black Ops 2 DLC Apocalypse pack is coming and we now have information on when you’ll be able to witness the first gameplay for Origins – the new zombie map that is coming to the game.

We have already seen some initial build-up to the Origins release date, first with a mystery teaser shown here and then later again as part of the official announcement trailer with the other new multiplayer maps in the Apocalypse pack.

You’ll be pleased to hear that the original crew are back in action together once again, this time having to fend off attacks from nasty zombie knights, as well as a brand new boss type which is thought to be a 1000-foot tall ‘robot abomination’.

On top of a new storyline to explore, expect new wonder weapons and also some new perk machines to find as well. Origins is not going to release until August 27, but Treyarch has already confirmed that the premiere gameplay will be going live on August 24 – ie this Saturday.

You’ll have to tune into the Major League Gaming channel to watch the premiere, either on their website or Twitch channel from 6pm Eastern Time. Hopefully during the gameplay, we’ll get to see the Mark IV tank that has already been confirmed and sounds particularly exciting in a zombie environment.

Are you ready for yet another zombies map for Black Ops 2? Let us know what you want to see in Origins that you didn’t see in Buried.

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  • bob

    They didn’t show the one thing people were exited for…

  • rob

    Can’t wait to see this.

    • gamerbx

      No zombies on the 24th… just replayed the video…

      • Surpirior

        Biggest disappointment ever

      • rob

        Yeah MLG are useless. Couldn’t care less about multiplayer with those MLG nerds.