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BBM Android, iPhone manual download killed

There’s been much speculation as to the BBM for Android release date, as well as the iPhone version, because if we are to believe some recent goings on we could see the download very soon. It cannot come soon enough because there are still a huge number of Android and iOS users waiting in anticipation for BBM.

The reason we believe that BBM for iPhone and Android are coming soon is because the manual download went live on the BlackBerry website, but has since been pulled. However, Techcrunch has copies hosted on WordPress, which you can see below their article.

Techcrunch believe that the links were put up and removed as a way to generate more publicity, and we think they could be right because BlackBerry need all the help they can get at the moment.

BBM download for Android and iPhone may be imminent so for now may we suggest you have a look at those two links, as they will help you get familiar with BBM. You can learn how to get started then do more with BBM and finally, FAQs.

During the past weeks and months there has been a mixed reaction with BBM for Android and iPhone, because there are some of you who believe the service is not needed and will go down like a lead balloon.

However, there are others who suggest that comments such as those are only used because they have never tried BBM, and once they do their minds will be changed.



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