AMD PS4 vs. Xbox One U-turn is political

By Daniel Chubb - Aug 23, 2013

If you have been watching the PS4 vs. Xbox One comparisons closely you will see some are based on fact, while others can be due to some sort of agenda from the particular blog, brand or gamer. Today, we wanted to highlight a recent comment by AMD in terms of PS4 vs. Xbox One performance and why some people feel they withdrew their original comment.

In a nutshell, an AMD spokesperson explained during Gamescom the PS4 is built in a way that would allow it to “outperform” the Xbox One. Following that statement we saw a lot of PS4 fans leave comments like, “told you so, even suppliers agree what is the best next-gen console”.

Now it is being widely reported that AMD has withdrawn this claim. An “inaccurate statement” was made during a Gamescom interview, said AMD officially. These comments were in relation to the “custom APU architectures”, but now it seems that AMD no longer want to give their opinion on “PS4 and Xbox One memory architecture”.

What do you make of AMD’s PS4 vs. Xbox One U-turn? This could simply be one spokesperson giving a wrong opinion, or it could be the truth from AMD with their detailed knowledge of both machines but slipping out by someone not authorized to release the said information.

Hundreds of PS4 fans have reacted to this U-turn and with comments along the lines of, “this is political and this press statement was expected thanks to AMD being partners with both Sony and Microsoft”.

Do you think the PS4 is more powerful thanks to the way it is built? Or do you think the PS4 vs. Xbox One specs are too close to warrant a major advantage? Leave a comment below.

We have already seen Microsoft make a wild claim in regard to their launch games being the best lineup ever for consoles. This only fuels the Xbox One vs. PS4 discussions that have seen some people trying to be very persuasive.

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  • Allen Carter

    I dont care which console is more powerful, i want a ps4 because i had 11 Xbox 360’s fail and my gamertag hacked. MS burnt this gamer this console gen. I will never buy xbox brand again, no customer loyalty, faulty consoles they nickel and dime u till your n the poorhouse.If u had 11 fail would u buy it ?

    • Reaper

      I don’t believe anyone would be stupid enough to go through 11 consoles without trying a different brand? That’s why i think your talking rubbish. I had 2 xbox 360’s fail and both were exchanged by Microsoft for free and I bought at launch so not bad in almost 8 years?

      • Allen Carter

        Well It happened I don’t care if u believe it that’s what happened I went thru 8 the first 2 years I had a warranty thru GameStop they charged me 50 bucks every time I returned it. I got 3 sent to and from MS they didn’t work. I don’t care if u believe me, I had a horrible experience with Xbox 360. It felt like I won a contest only the prize sucked balls. It ain’t about brand loyalty its about customer loyalty. Kid I brought number 7 home plugged it in and it red ringed and said error 87. So wtf ever. So yea I believe they probably did cut corners when they designed it, I don’t care I know I’m not going to have to spend an extra 400 bucks on GameStop warranty’s this console gen. Just cuz it didn’t happen to u doesn’t mean it didn’t happen.

  • Herve Shango

    nothing i aint overly excited about it but i am happy it is becoming more and more like a pc