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Toshiba SSHD with review of technology

If you were in two minds to purchase the Seagate SSHD that was released a few months ago, then there is another choice, and that is the new Toshiba SSHD. It is pretty similar to the Seagate model, but is said to offer better performance and more importantly, much cheaper.

You may think there has to be a reason why the Toshiba SSHD is cheaper and so this video review below should help to answer that very question. You will get to here about its boot times and how well it performs.

There are so many ways in which you can help to speed your computer up, and converting to an SSHD is one of them. What makes these drives so good is how they are a cheaper alternative to an SSD, because the SSHD is a hybrid system and is a mix of a standard hard drive and SSD.

In the Toshiba SSHD review it points out some of the positives, such as its performance when compared to a standard hard drive and at a price that will not break the bank. However, because it only comes with 8GB NAND flash memory and a speed of 5,400rpm,, it is not that great when transferring a huge amount of data.

The Toshiba SSHD price for this latest technology is $56 for 320GB, $59 for 500GB, $72 for 750GB and $75 for 1TB, which we have to say is pretty reasonable.



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