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The Last Guardian release still not a priority on PS4, PS3

Although GamesCom 2013 was jam packed with exciting game reveals and juicy information on the PS4 hardware itself, one game that some expected to hear information on, but didn’t was The Last Guardian. The elusive, but beautiful title from SCE Japan Studio is still nowhere to be seen, almost bordering on the lines of Final Fantasy Versus XIII territory.

Fortunately, we do have a much welcome status update to give you on the impending release, as Fumito Ueda, creative director for The Last Guardian has reiterated that the game is still in development and hasn’t been forgotten about completely.

That’s where the optimism somewhat ends though, as Ueda also told Famitsu that The Last Guardian, as popular as it may be among fans is actually not a priority for Team Ico at the moment. Instead, the team are currently focusing on the likes of Knack and Puppeteer, two notable games for sure but easily not on the same hype level as The Last Guardian.

Another big question that has yet to be answered by Sony is whether The Last Guardian will now become a PS4 title instead of PS3 which is the platform initially announced. Considering that rather long development time, we would be very surprised if we still see this game come out on current-gen hardware.

Let’s not forget that The Last Guardian was first announced back in 2009 so that is a cool five years that gamers have patiently had to endure – ring any familiar bells anyone, Final Fantasy Versus XIII, Duke Nukem Forever to name a few. At least when it does arrive though, it is likely to be one of the best games to the PS4 has to offer.

Could we possibly see this at the end of 2014, or will it end up being a 2015 game instead? Let us know if you are still waiting on The Last Guardian, or if you have given up hope completely.



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