Tesla Motors Model S car in rating denial

It was only yesterday when we reported that the Tesla Model S performed very well in NHTSA crash tests, and scored the maximum that the agency can give, which is five stars. However, what we found more interesting about this report was how Tesla said that their Model S actually scored 5.4, but this is said not to be the case.

There seems to be a Tesla Motors Model S car crash test rating denial from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, because while they admit this electric vehicle performed very well in crash tests, it was not off the charts as the car manufacturer would have us believe.

ABC News reports that, who conducted the tests, who as you may know is a branch of the NHTSA said that the Tesla Model S had scored well in all tests and that it scored no more or no less than a five star rating. They have never rated vehicles beyond five stars, so why would Tesla Motors say such a thing?

Okay, so it is obvious that car manufactures such as Tesla will try to spin things like this to their advantage, but when it comes to safety, we feel that it is something they should never spin because saying the Tesla Model S is the safest car in history is misleading.

There’s nothing more important on a car than its safety, and while we cannot deny how impressed we are we the five star rating of the Model S, why would they feel the need to make it sound even better?

Do not let this little PR stunt put you off though because the Model S is a fantastic vehicle and deserves some praise. Let’s hope the vehicle enjoys the same success in Europe as it has done in the US, although the BMW i3 and i8 may have something to say about that?



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