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HTC BlinkFeed alternative app

HTC has done a bold thing by releasing their BlinkFeed app. What is meant by this is the fact that it is an alternative to Android Widgets, which has been used on Android devices for several years now. The big question remains, is it any good?

The HTC BlinkFeed feature pulls in news feeds and social updates right onto your HTC One homescreen as a grid-like interface, which is placed on top of its Sense 5.0 UI. This means that your homescreen will be full of interesting headlines and images, which refreshes automatically to keep you fully updated.

Below there is an informative HTC BlinkFeed vs. Android’s Widgets video where they look at BlinkFeed and how you have to use several widgets in order to achieve a fraction of the results. This is because there is not enough real estate on the homescreen for all the widgets needed to compete with BlinkFeed.

HTC does not get all its own way though, as there is a BlinkFeed alternative app known as SO.HO by Inq. This will bring Facebook and Twitter to your Android homescreen, and is a similar service to that of BlinkFeed. It would be unfair to compare the two against each other because SO.HO is limited and so does not have the same range as BlinkFeed.

Having said that, because So.Ho is still in beta we are sure more is to come, and that is when it will be worth doing a full comparison of the two.

Two other HTC BlinkFeed alternative apps are Flipboard and currents.

It is clear that while there are alternatives to BlinkFeed, they are nowhere near good enough yet, so it looks as though you will just have to watch in envy if you do not have a HTC One. If you do and would like to know more, then check out the second video which is How to master BlinkFeed.



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